The Crux of the Capital Projects Feasibility Programme

The Crux of the Capital Projects Feasibility Programme

This R8 million matched grant administered by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) can help you finance a bankable feasibility study

  1. The aim of the incentive is to co-fund feasibilities for:
    • new large-scale industrial projects in South Africa
    • capital intensive, industrial and infrastructure projects outside of South Africa, promoting the exporting of South African professional goods and services.
  2. It is a matched fund, meaning the project owner (you) must match the grant approved:


DTIProject OwnerProject Location
50% to 70%30 to 50%South Africa (industrial projects only)
55%45%Africa (excl. SA)
50%50%Outside Africa


It is a rebated fund, meaning you must spend first (invoices, proof of payment) prior to claiming the grant back.

  1. There are minimum local (SA) content requirements for project implementation:
    • 50% of total goods must be produced in South Africa,
    • 70% of total professional services should be South African, with a 10% subcontracting to black-owned professional firms.
  2. There is a requirement to have a pre-feasibility completed, with intention from funders to finance the implementation of the project.

With a push to reindustrialise South Africa, and with the infrastructural gap on the continent, this incentive will allow for South African participation in long term capital projects

About the Author:

Nadia is experienced in industries ranging from FMCG to manufacturing and mining. Her skills lie in business analysis, financial/business modelling and accessing developmental funding. She has a BCom Finance (UJ) and another BCom in Economics & Econometrics (UJ). She has also been accredited with the UNDP for Supplier Development.

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