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The Business

Founded by sisters Zahra and Nadia Rawjee in 2010, Uzenzele Holdings (UH) is a niche consulting firm with over 70 years of combined experience in business development capital raising and accessing governmental funding. We provide specialist advice and facilitate access to government grants, incentives, equity and loans from over 41 South African based fund(er)s. Uzenzele’s average capital raise is currently R53million.

We partner with growing companies and project owners to access funding available from local and international development funding institutions (DFIs), non-traditional financiers, commercial banks and private funders including family offices. We provide our services in South Africa and other selective African countries (Angola, DRC, Mozambique, Kenya, Lesotho, Tanzania and Uganda).


Appropriation Requests | Bankable Feasibility Report Compilation and Review | Budget and spending plans | Business Plan Compilation | Capital Raising | Commercial and Financial Venture Feasibility | Contractual Agreements | Contractual Negotiations | Data Analysis | Data Room Management | Document Management and Analysis | Due Diligence | Economic and Financial Modelling | Financial and Commercial Due Diligence | Historical Financial Statements Review | Industry and Capital Markets Research | Material and People Resources Design | Permitting Oversight | Procurement | Project budgeting and planning | Project Management | Risk Analysis | Strategy Consulting | Transaction Advisory and Management Services


Manufacturing: General manufacturing | Agro-processing | Automotive | Chemicals | Food and Beverage | Pharmaceuticals |

Social and Industrial For-Profit Infrastructure: Alternative Energy | Telecommunications | Water | Social Housing and Student Accommodation | Healthcare | Education

Other: Cannabis | Film

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Uzenzele also assisted to define the business requirements so that we were able to apply for a greater value of both loan funding. Our funding application was successful and has allowed us to grow.

Preyesh Bhawan: L’il Masters Diapers Manufacturers

Uzenzele’s dedication and attention to detail, we believe, are key drivers for success and in ensuring the project is feasible for funders to pursue.

Kobina Odoro Agyapong: Executive Director – AA Consulting & Associates

“The Uzenzele team is determined to see the success of their client’s applications. This is evident in the quality of the client(s) and the respective business plan(s) prepared”

Alupheki Sithebe: Senior Dealmaker – IDC (2017)


How do I know if you can help me?2021-07-19T13:58:02+02:00

Complete this online form and our office will be in touch to let you know.

What sorts of businesses do you help raise finance for?2018-12-24T11:28:41+02:00
  • Established businesses, with at least 2 years trading history, primarily in the manufacturing sector looking to expand or upgrade their production facilities,
  • Contractors (that have contracts or tenders or purchase orders) for the supply of goods to blue-chip and public clients.
What is the difference between equity, a loan and grant funding for my business?2018-12-24T11:29:36+02:00

These are 3 types of capital we assist businesses to raise:

Equity – capital raised through the sale of shares in your business, with shareholders investing capital for an expected financial return over a given period. This is the most expensive but most patient type of finance.

Loan/Debt – capital is lent to a borrower with a set of agreed terms for repayment – varying in length and cost on a case-for-case basis – based on the strength of the SME, its “bankability”, the lender and various other requirements.

Grant/Incentive – is typically a non-repayable investment made by a government body or institution to specifically eligible businesses in exchange for a particular set of social or economic objectives, in accordance with strict guidelines. This is the least expensive form of finance, but it can take longer to raise and is highly regulated.

How do you access finance for businesses?2018-12-24T11:29:45+02:00

We work on behalf of SMEs to identify the right financier based on various factors. We then support the SME in the preparation of documentation for submission of an application and facilitate the process until draw-down or claim.

The People

Zahra Rawjee

A versatile Executive Director with over a decade of experience in raising capital and providing transaction advisory services, with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the funding landscape both locally and abroad. A strategic thinker, with exceptional problem-solving skills, and a forward-thinking approach, leveraging the aptitude to oversee various business operations to ensure that the firm’s service offering meets customer and stakeholder requirements. Zahra also holds a BCom degree in Law from the University of Pretoria. Her focus is on business development and client engagement.

Nadia Rawjee

Nadia Rawjee has experience in industries ranging from FMCG to manufacturing and mining because of family interest and her involvement in an influential African network called Intra Business Network. Her skills lie in business analysis, business modelling and accessing developmental funding. She has a BCom degree in Finance and a BCom degree in Economics & Econometrics from the University of Johannesburg. She has also been accredited with the UNDP for Supplier Development and is the Chairperson for the steering committee of Business Incentives at the South African Institute for Tax Professionals (SAIT).

Public Speaking

If you would like to discuss a public speaking opportunity, want us to participate in your conference or media event, or want us to feature or contribute content to your publication please fill in the form below or email media@uzenzele.com with your request.

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To accurately apply for the right funding at the right place for the right reasons.

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