Supplier Development Programmes & Capitalisation of SMEs

Uzenzele provides an outsourced “Access to Finance” arm to supplier development (“SD”) & localisation programmes and incubators by:

  • Educating procurement professionals on financial options and requirements to effectively identify strategic SD commodity line items and/or suppliers that will be bankable
  • Capacitating SD & localisation programmes to bridge the SME funding gap through
    • Rigorous eligibility and matching processes
    • Development of bankability documentation
    • Management of the capital raising process
    • Facilitation between financiers and SMEs until draw-down of funds
  • Applying for the Strategic Partnership Programme at the DTI and the Jobs Fund at the DBSA for funding to support relevant corporate ESD programmes.


For who?Listed and other large businesses requiring assistance with compliance, to National Development Plan and B-BBEE codes, by implementing supplier development programmes
For what?Supplier and Enterprise Development Programmes
  1. Develop, prepare and submit application (including bankable business plan and financial models where required)
  2. Application facilitation and management
  3. Claim preparation, submission, facilitation and drawdown
Funder and typeDTI and DBSA – Grant Funds
Funds availableDependent on the institution and programme
My contribution?Dependent on the institution and programme
Investment required?POA
B-BBEE level required?1-8

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Enterprise and Supplier Development

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