Strategic Partnership Programme (SPP)

A cost-sharing incentive of up to R45 million for corporates to support their supplier development initiatives, with applicants required to have proven revenue of R100 million per annum for at least 2 consecutive years.

For who?Large businesses with an annual turnover of more than R100 million for 2 consecutive years
For what?Supplier development initiatives
  1. Develop, prepare and submit application (including bankable business plan and financial models where required)
  2. Application facilitation and management
  3. Claim preparation, submission, facilitation and drawdown
Funder and typeDTI – Grant Fund
Funds availableUp to R45million (R15million per year for 3 years)
My contribution?Between 50%-70% of project costs determined by a scoring system and types of suppliers supported in the programme
Investment required?POA
B-BBEE level required?1-8

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Strategic Partnership Programme (SPP)

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