It’s time to reconsider how to create value for your company, customers, people and shareholders, improving ways of operating efficiently and building key competitive advantages. It’s critical to establish new and innovative commercial partnerships, markets and opportunities, creating new products and services, and raise the finance needed to realise your growth. To achieve this, you need to be confident in your growth story and data.

Having a team of trusted experts you can call on to help you define, prioritise, design, report and analyse this information is critical.

We’ve consulted over 2,000 businesses and processed over 197,065 pieces of information, working with business owners and executive management resulting in over R1.2billion arranged to date.



We understand that business decisions can be challenging to make and to make sound decisions, management needs quality information and analysis.

Our capital raising experts provide commercial financial, economic and strategic advice to companies with business growth projects and opportunities with the intention of raising capital internally of externally.


  • Advisory board positions
  • Appropriation requests
  • Bankable feasibility report compilation and/or review
  • Budget and spending plans
  • Business and operating model design and development
  • Business case development
  • Business plan compilation
  • Business strategy development
  • Business valuations
  • Capital raising strategy
  • Capital structuring, facilitation and arranging
  • Commercial and financial venture feasibility including JVs
  • Data analysis and verification
  • Data room management
  • Detailed cost accounting and benchmarking
  • Development of early-stage project concept documents
  • Development of feasibility studies
  • Development of market studies
  • Document management and analysis
  • Due diligences for buy or sell side mergers and acquisitions
  • Economic modelling
  • Financial modelling
  • Identification of capital sources
  • Investment strategy
  • Management data and information analysis
  • Performance indicators
  • Review of financial and management records
  • Risk analysis and mitigating factors


To accurately apply for the right funding at the right place for the right reasons.