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4 Reasons You Need To Be Exporting


Exports contributed to 30% of South Africa’s GDP, yet many South African businesses are unaware of the benefits of exporting and the support available to promote higher exports.


The 4 reasons you need to be exporting:


Is South Africa still the Gateway to the Region?

This was a discussion posed at a Wits Business School (WBS) seminar that I attended recently. The importance of the Gateway methodology is that South Africa requires regional market penetration to grow its economy through the trade of goods and services.



Tactics to grow your turnover in the next financial year- S.A Budget Speech 2016

Let’s not beat around the bush- Key decisions made by the finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in the 2016 Budget speech will impact your business  growth and survival in this tough economic climate. The Minister had his job cut out for him as he made tough decisions to ensure that companies can reach their projected turnover goals for the next financial year resulting in the growth of our economy.


If you want to expand and increase your turnover in the next financial year here are the developmental funding opportunities identified from the budget speech 2016 per industry:


SONA 2016- Deal or No Deal?

26 years ago to the day our former President Nelson Mandela stepped out of prison. Today, 11 February 2016, our current President Jacob Zuma took to the podium for the SONA 2016.


The SONA addresses many issues from economics to social matters like education and welfare. My article is purely focussed on business and the key points I got for the SONA.


Expanding your market through export trade

The effects of power outages and the inflationary effect of substantial increases in electricity prices are expected to continue to negatively influence the South African economy with the business confidence index having declined to 84.6 in June 2015 from 86.9 in May, falling to its lowest level since January 1999, said the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI). 


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